Can I become a volunteer?

If you are wondering how you can become involved in a practical way with the WRHA, then look no further.

Volunteers can lend a hand on the Waverley Route for any amount of time, from a single afternoon, a day, a week or as many months as you wish! With jobs available for everyone, no matter what your level of skill and however long you can help for, it is the ideal way to come on-board.

By helping in this way there is also the opportunity to make new friends & meet likeminded people, together with the satisfaction of helping the WRHA to develop the major project, the Border Union Railway.

Where required, training will be given which will enable you to pick up new skills along the way.

What do volunteers do?

The list below is not an exhaustive one, and you do not need to restrict yourself to one particular job or function.

  • Engineering & Maintenance– anything from carriage restoration and general maintenance, to welding & fabricating etc.
  • Electrical,  Signalling & Telecomms – from rewiring a plug to reinstating the signalling system on the railway, anyone with electrical and/or electronics skills (and even experienced signalling engineers) will find themselves carrying out many varied tasks.
  • Track Maintenance, Civil Engineering & General Permanent Way work– probably the greatest amount of volunteers time goes on the railway line itself. We have several miles of railway line to build, requiring design work, construction, plant operation & track laying . There are also several miles of railway fence to reinstate & maintain, together with trimming embankments & clearing lineside drains to maintain the high standard we pride ourselves on.
  • Painting– skilled painters are always welcome, with plenty of work to keep volunteers busy from interior & exterior coach finishing and lining out, to getting dirty whilst painting coach and other vehicles’ underframes & bogies.
  • Carpentry/Joinery– not only do we have the coaches to internally refit as the heritage centre, but there are also other vehicles requiring specialist skills in woodworking.
  • Research, Planning, Archiving  – the list goes on ……
  • Committee roles are also voluntary  – and involve many man-hours behind the scenes – is this something you could do?

How do I start? 

In the first instance, volunteers MUST be members of the WRHA in order to be covered by the Association’s insurance, they must also be over 18 years of age in order to comply with certain regulations. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact us at the email address below where will be pleased to give them details of joining a work party.

E-mail  volunteersATwrha.org.uk
(Replace AT with @)